CITROL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OILS are ultra modern fully synthetic motor oil for normally aspirated, turbo charged petrol engines, diesel engines in passenger cars and is suitable for all driving conditions. It is miscible with all synthetic and mineral based engine oils. It is applicable for long oil changing intervals and for motors with direct injection. CITROL SYNTHETIC MOTOR OILS are manufactured specifically to stand up to the severe conditions under which conventional oils might falter. They possess viscosity characteristics superior to those of mineral oils. The resulting lubricants have a molecular structure that meet and often exceed manufacturers' criteria for high-performance engines. Among the many performance advantages that synthetic oils offer is their ability to remain stable at high temperatures (under which conventional oils begin to break down) and remain fluid at low temperatures (upto -50 °C) under which conventional oils begin to thicken). This provides optimum lubrication at extreme temperatures, reducing wear for a cleaner, more efficient engine.


CITROL SYNTHETIC MOTOR oils are recommended for all type of new generation imported passenger cars using petrol.

Performance Benefits

Meets the following specifications API SL/CF US MIL-L-46152E ACEA 2004: A3/B4

Technical Data

1 Sp.gravity @ 15 ° C 0.83 0.849 0.87
2 K.Viscosity @ 40° C 69 85 103
3 K.Viscosity @ 100° C 12.18 14 15
4 Flash point ,coc, ° C 220 221 226
5 Viscosity Index 170 170 150
6 Pour Point, ° C -54 -42 -35
7 TBN, mg of KOH/gm 8.8 10 11