Eco friendly


Being fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment, the company uses a state of the art method and implements UAE laws and provides a special unit for collecting and a biological treatment system, beyond those required by the law, to further reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.The technology used by the CITROL Lubricants, guarantees the production of quality lubricants completely in accordance with international standards. Systematic interventions at the facilities have resulted in the almost complete elimination of industrial waste.An environmental management system (EMS) that is certified to ISO 14001 bears a "stamp of approval" that enables to stand strong against the competition. By confirming the company as a reputable supplier, EMS certification bring new business opportunities.At CITROL when we work towards environmental certification, we systematically deal with our business's impacts on the environment and identify cost effective alternatives. ISO 14001 helps our organization to process lower energy and raw materials use, reduce waste and pollution and mitigate risks of accidents and emergency situations. Our operation is not only be environmentally friendly, it is also more efficient.CITROL proves in practice its interest in the environment and the natural wealth of UAE