CITROL Lubricants has an ergonomically designed state of the art production plant to handle high influx of customer demands without compromising on quality. The Company provides solution for a wide variety of applications, enabling efficient supply and marketing to minimize capital expenses and improve consistency in this competitive market and remain committed to working with our customers individually for their satisfaction.The increasing popularity of low emission engine designs have resulted in our development of new technology engine oils that must be used where after-treatment devices are fitted and a correctly formulated engine oil will ensure the effective operation of the engine. Modern transmissions, whether they are manual or automatic, must cope with a variety of conditions such as power, road conditions and drivers, but still provide maximum performance and component protection.The " Ultimate Lube" motto ensures right solutions for our customers every time.CITROL Lubricants produce the best quality motor oils, which is carefully formulated and offers a full line of motor oil to meet the specific needs of different engine types and driving condition to provide maximum performance and prolonged engine life. CITROL lubricants utilize the most advanced formula and technology; the products are tested and proven both in laboratory and field. The plant is highly flexible and responsive to customers need.