The company values its position as market leader. The Company's commitment to its research program enables it to continue and fulfill its aim in offering only the highest level of products and services for the benefit of its customers. The research activities of CITROL beyond the limits of lubricants extend to the sector of environment protection, as far as production and energy management are concerned.

Thus in the factory, CITROL applies,
  • The innovative method of catalytic ethylene transformation
  • An integrated waste management methods
  • A wireless communication system in the industrial automation process

Our employees are highly qualified experts at verifying the product data of lubricants. The Laboratory is staffed by experienced, qualified technicians who have an extensive knowledge of understanding lubricant products and their characteristics.The extensive test equipment we operate at our lab is among the best in the industry. We have developed one of the finest lubricant testing facilities.
The capabilities of our laboratory have been instrumental for lubricant design and investigative analysis for our customers.The performance of our specialty lubricants is qualified by a complex system of results from model tests with increasing loads, component or module tests, and finally field tests for special applications. Our analysis engineers cooperate closely with customers and will also perform specific tests requested by them. Our history continues with a tremendous staff, innovative chemistry, proven product quality and outstanding customer service. A technology advanced manufacturing plant and research laboratory enables us to formulate products for customer's specific production requirements.